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Year-End Ticket Deadlines
Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on 08 June 2017 08:39 AM

As you are aware, we are nearing the end of Fiscal Year 2017. Due to year-end transactional deadlines, we are requesting that tickets using FY17 funds be submitted by the following dates:


All fiscal transaction (excluding deposit) tickets: by Monday, June 12th


Travel approvers must have all travel/expense/cash advance transactions approved by June 21st to ensure encumbrance/payment with FY17 funds.


Payroll Distribution tickets: by Thursday, June 15th


Please be aware that payroll distributions on state CRRNT funding cannot be altered after the year-end deadline.


Budget Transfer tickets: by Friday, June 16th


Deposit tickets:  by Friday, June 23rd


Journal Transfer  (E2E, cash transfer, etc.) tickets: by Wednesday, June 28th


During this time frame, travel authorization tickets should be submitted as early as possible (preferably at least two weeks prior to departure), with the latest submission date of June 12th.


Please note, fiscal deadlines are only for transactions using FY17 funding. If your fiscal transactions will be using cash (foundation, auxiliary, etc.) or FY18 funding, it will be possible to submit these after the modules open again in FY18.


Please feel free to forward this email to anyone in your department who may need to know these deadlines. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 392-2262.

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Temporary Relocation
Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on 06 March 2017 03:42 PM

The CLAS Shared Services Center is temporarily located in 225 Little Hall until the afternoon of Friday, March 10th. During this time, Rolfs Hall will be completely inaccessible while it is tented and treated for termites. We are all still available as usual via our ticketing system, email, and phone.


Thank you for your patience during this relocation.

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SSC Portfolio Updates as of August 2016
Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on 31 August 2016 06:24 PM
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Shared Service Center
Elizabeth Lynch, Director
Human Resources Team Grants Team Fiscal Team
Sara Darwin, Supervisor DSA Roles, All HR Items, New UFIDs, Cross-College Distributions Emer Ramos, Supervisor
1601 Dean's Office Kim Morabito, Supervisor All Fiscal Items  1603 Economics

1606 Astronomy by PI
352-273-1809  1606 Astronomy 352-294-1981

Dr. Peter Barnes

   1622 Geography   Dr. Jian Ge    
   1648 Statistics*   Dr. Rafael Guzman Travel, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, General Questions, Journal Transfers, myUF Market, Payment Solutions and Pcards
  1668 France-Florida   Dr. Ata Sarajedini Roy "Jim" Dielschneider 1601 Dean's Office
  1672 Humanities & Public Sphere   Dr. Jonathan Tan 1606 Astronomy
      Dr. Charles Telesco 352-294-1619 1614 Classics
      Dr. Stephen Eikenberry   1672 Humanities & Public Sphere
Wendy Anderson 1614 Classics   1614 Classics    1684 Graham Center Public Service 1630 Linguistics   1628 History    
352-294-1882  1634 Philosophy   1634 Philosophy    
  1642 Religion   1638 Political Science    
  1654 Language Learning Center   1666 Center for European Studies  Natalie Torres 1606 MIRADAS
  1658 DIAL Center   1674 Jewish Studies 1630 Linguistics*
  1666 Center for European Studies   1686 Languages Literature & Culture  352-294-1613 16382000 Florida Survey Research Center
  1674 Jewish Studies     1692 Sociology, Criminology & Law    1648 Statistics
  1686 Languages, Literatures & Culture       1668 France-Florida
    1692 Sociology & Criminology & Law  Marisa Gates
1603 Economics   1642 Religion

1606 Astronomy By PI   1654 Language Learning Center
     352-294-1797  Dr. Nicola Da Rio   1686 Languages, Literatures & Culture
       Dr. Anthony Gonzalez   1666 Center for European Studies
 To Be Hired 1601 Dean's Office    Dr. Elizabeth Anne Lada    
  1628 History    1622 Geography  Gena Valadez 1622 Geography
  1638 Political Science    1630 Linguistics 1634 Philosophy
     - 16382000 - FSRC Florida Survey Research    1642 Religion 352-294-7188 1638 Political Science
     - 16382200 - Dr. Craig Research on Elections    1648 Statistics   1674 Jewish Studies
     -16383000 - CAIRE   1658 DIAL Center   1676 Land Use & Environmental Change Institute
  1688 Spanish and Portuguese Studies   1668 France - Florida    
  Recruitment   1672 Humanities & Public Sphere    
   VISA Monthly Compliance    1688 Spanish and Portuguese  Nathan Peterson 1628 History 
  Special Programs       1652 Academic Advising
   Non-Partner Unit Requests  John Dew  Special Programs 1658 Dial Center for Written & Oral Communication  Recons  352-294-1966 1686 Languages, Literatures & Culture
     352-294-2850     1688 Spanish & Portuguese Studies
 Janice Harris  Miscellaneous HR Duties       1692 Sociology & Criminology & Law          
     Asley Gulaid Misc. HR/Fiscal Duties    
Verlissa Ford Miscellaneous HR Duties Data Entry for Recon/Budgets    352-392-2262 PCard receipt requests and ticket creation    
      Foreign travel currency conversions    
      Foundation Forms    
      Budget Error Report    


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Fiscal Year End Deadlines
Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on 15 June 2016 09:18 AM

Good morning,


As you are aware, the 2016 fiscal year is coming to an end. During this time, there are a number of deadlines for HR and Fiscal activities which I will outline below; these are only relevant to current fiscal year funds. In order to ensure we are able to meet university deadlines, please follow the ticket schedule below:


-All FY16 payroll retro tickets (changing where someone has already been paid from this year) must be submitted before 8AM tomorrow morning. The entry deadline is tomorrow, June 16th, and payroll will make no exceptions for entering retros afterwards.


- All Travel and Expense tickets that should be funded from current year (2016) funding must be submitted, with all necessary documentation/information, by this Friday the 17th. Our deadline to submit travel authorizations and expense reports is 6/21, and the last day to approve TAs/ERs is 6/22.


-All  invoices that have been received by departments must be submitted through the ticketing system before 8AM this Friday the 17th.


-All tickets for requisitions to be placed on current FY16 appropriation/state funding must be submitted by tomorrow, June 16th.


-All tickets for PCard charges that should come from current fiscal year funds must be submitted, with receipts/documentation and funding information, by this Friday the 17th.


-All state budget transfer tickets must be submitted by Tuesday, June 21st.


-All deposit/cash expense refund tickets must be submitted by Friday, June 24th.


-All journal entry tickets, including E2Es to move expenses, must be submitted by Monday, June 27th.


If you are a travel and expense approver, please bear in mind that the last day to approve travel/expense is Wednesday, June 22nd.


We will make every effort to process these types of tickets as quickly as possible, but tickets that are submitted after the dates/times I have outlined above may not be able to be processed before the university year-end deadlines. If you have questions about what information is needed for any type of ticket, please don't hesitate to call us at 392-2262.


As always, if you have any urgent issues or problems that are not being resolved, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Elizabeth Lynch

Director, Shared Services Center

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Grant Expenditures
Posted by Elizabeth Lynch on 11 May 2016 01:07 PM

After discussions with the core grants office about best practices, our grants team has requested that research expenditures have the following information:

1. "Benefit to the grant" (using those words) written on the receipt/invoice/etc. For example: "This is X item, the benefit to the grant is to Y activity supporting the research"  
2. Project # (if not available, project name)
3. Relevant lookup number, i.e. Pcard TXN#, Voucher #, TA #, etc. (the fiscal team can add this information if it's not readily available to you)

Please include this information initially when submitting your grant tickets. This will prevent delays in the grants team being able to approve the transaction, delays in the fiscal team to be able to process the transaction, and requests for additional justification from auditors.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience as we streamline our processes.

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